Using Public Transportation
What Do I Do If I Left Something on the Bus or Subway?
It happens. You fall asleep or drift off on the bus or subway, then hurry off at your stop, leaving something behind.
It is especially bad if the lost item is a valuable, like your wallet containing your credit card and identification, or your cell phone. It is a panic-inducing moment.
However, what is done is done. Rather than going into a tailspin, try taking the following steps:
If You Left Your Item on a Bus
- First, contact the bus company to see if they have your lost item. If the item was not received yet, explain in as much detail as possible the bus’s route, its number, where you left the item, and leave your contact information.
- You can also call the nearest police station or patrol station, or log on to the <Police Agency Lost Items Comprehensive Information Site> to see if your item has been processed, or to report your lost item.
- You can also use your region’s to see if your lost item is being held there.
Public Transport Integrated Lost and Found Center
· This site is run directly by the Seoul city government. It is working together with the Korea Association for ICT Promotion’s <Cell Phone Recovery Call Center>, so you can look for lost cell phones on this site as well.
· For those of you who are not used to the internet, the <120 Dasan Call Center> is on call 24 hours a day. You can call 120 without an area code at any time to find out where lost items are registered and held.
If You Left Your Item on the Subway
- First, call the final station on the line you were on and the station where you got off the train. If you transferred between lines, it is a good idea to contact all the end stations of every section you were on.
· An enormous number of lost items are processed every day through the subway lost and found system, so it is wise to be as specific as possible about your lost item (when it was lost, what it looks like, what it contains, other characteristics) when you call.
- You can also call a nearby police station or patrol station, or log on to the <Police Agency Lost Items Comprehensive Information Site> to discover if your lost item is registered, or to report your missing item.
- You can also log on to your region’s subway operator’s site or public transportation lost and found center to see if your lost item is being held.