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Medical treatment system of the ROK
Public health clinics
- Public health clinics are public medical institutions run by the ROK government. Most public health clinics conduct public health projects such as vaccinations and primary care. The costs are relatively low.
Clinics and hospitals
- Clinics and hospitals are usually specialized in fields such as internal medicine and otolaryngology. They mainly provide primary care, but hospitals also hospitalize patients for simple treatments.
- If one's injury or disease is serious, one should use a general hospital. The waiting time is longer and treatment is more expensive, but treatment by different specialized departments is available at one place.
- One can easily buy simple household medicines at pharmacies including digestive, headache, motion sickness medicines, and ointments for cuts/wounds.
- The ROK separates the prescription and dispensing of drugs, so prescription drugs can be bought at pharmacies only with a doctor's prescription.