Foreign Students
The Scope of Household Goods to be accepted as such
Goods that do not fall within the household goods to be moved:
- The head of the competent customhouse may not assess any custom duties on the goods he/she has accepted as such, taking into account the reasons for movement, duration of residence, vocation, the number of family members and other circumstances, except for the goods that are not acceptable as household goods [Article 4.1 of Notification on processing import customs clearance of household goods(Notification of Korea Customs Service No. 2022-2, announced December 21, 2021, and enforced on January 1, 2022, and Schedule 1 attached thereto) ].
1. All of the goods transported into Korea at the request of a third person;
2. Goods that are not deemed acceptable as personal or household use [e.g. any goods assumed to be the ones for commercial purposes, including without limitation printers, large copiers and large dish washers; kit cars not produced by automobile manufacturers]
3. Goods that are not appropriate for the declarer’s job [e.g. high-quality musical instruments brought in, regardless of the declarer’s job [(including students majoring in music) such as grand pianos (excluding baby grand pianos), video cameras for the production of works, film projectors, film developers, etc.];
4. Goods that are brought in excessive quantities, compared to the number of moving members [e.g. feminine goods or articles of apparel made of furs in excessive quantities that are brought in by a male person accompanying no family members];
5. Any other goods that the head of the competent customhouse cannot accept as household goods.
Checking of the Length of Residence
- The aforementioned length of residence shall be checked, using one of the following methods(Article 4.3 of Notification on processing import customs clearance of household goods).
1. For Korean nationals, the dates of entry and departure shall be checked through the traveler information system or administrative information sharing portal, in principle. However, where the subject concerned submits a certificate of entry and departure previously issued, the period of staying aboard indicated on the certificate shall be checked against the certificate submitted.
2. For Koreans with permanent resident status overseas, the length of residence is checked using the employment contract entered into in Korea at the time of entry or passport validity confirmation issued by the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time of entry for permanent return.
3. For foreigners, the length of residence is checked by the residence card (or visa, if the issuance of the residence card is pending) or employment contract in Korea issued by the head of the public office of the Immigration Office.
The quantity of household goods permitted per number of family members
- The head of the competent customhouse shall permit durable household goods as moving items but this criteria may be used with discretion based on the living environment, etc[Article 4(2) of Notification on processing import customs clearance of household goods].


No. of family members


Permitted number of household goods







9 or more