Foreign Students
Entities supporting foreign students
e-Government for Foreigners
- e-Government for Foreigners (http://www.hikorea.go.kr, ☎1345) is an agency operated by the ROK government and provides consultation on civil petitions and information in foreign languages necessary for foreigners sojourning in the ROK to adapt to life in the ROK through the telephone or the electronic telecommunications network (Article 20.(2) of the 「Framework Act on Treatment of Foreigners Staying in the Republic of Korea」 and Article 16 of the 「Enforcement Decree of the Framework Act on Treatment of Foreigners Staying in the Republic of Korea」).
- e-Government for Foreigners can be contacted by telephone at ☎1345 anywhere throughout the country during the hours of 09:00 to 18:00.
Study in Korea
- Study in Korea (http://www.studykorea.go.kr) is a website run by the National Institute for International Education and provides general information on study and life in the ROK, and reports experiences by foreign students who studied in the ROK.
- If one has a question about study in the ROK, one can leave the question and have it answered on the bulletin board at the website.
Staff responsible for foreign students at each school
- The heads of schools where foreign students are studying or in training (referring to universities and colleges and higher educational institutions) shall designate staff in charge of the management of foreign students (Article 19-4.(1) of the 「Immigration Control Act」).
- If a foreign student has a question about school life or seeks help in adapting to life in the ROK, he can receive consultation from the staff responsible for foreign students at his school.
Foreign diplomatic missions stationed in the ROK
- A foreign student can register as a national residing abroad or renew his expired passport at the embassy, legation, representative office, consulate general, or consulate of his home country in the ROK (hereinafter 'diplomatic missions in the ROK') and seek assistance there when a disaster, war, and the like occurs or when he requires assistance for personal reasons.
- The diplomatic missions in the ROK are listed on the [About the Ministry section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs] website.