Foreign Students
Overview of foreigner registration
Meaning of foreigner registration
- The ROK government has in place a foreigner registration system to know the status of foreigners sojourning for long periods in the country and provide various conveniences to them. Under the system, foreign students sojourning in the ROK in excess of ninety days should complete foreigner registration and receive a foreigner registration certificate.
- A foreigner registration certificate can be used as an identification card in the ROK.
Subjects of foreigner registration
- Any alien who stays in the Republic of Korea in excess of 90 days from the date of entry shall complete alien registration with the head of the relevant Immigration Service (hereinafter referred to as the “head of service”), head of its office (hereinafter referred to as the “head of office”), or head of its branch office(hereinafter referred to as the “head of branch ”) having jurisdiction over the alien’s district of residence; registration shall be completed within 90 days of entry in order for the applicant to receive a certificate of alien registration (Article 31(1) and the main body of Article 33(1) of the Immigration Control Act).
- An alien registration certificate may not be issued if a foreign student is under 17 years of age. He may apply for an alien registration certificate once he becomes 17 years of age (Proviso of Article 33(1) of the Immigration Control Act).
※ A foreign student who violates the above and does not make a foreigner registration may be deported from the ROK and shall be imprisoned with labor for not more than one year or fined up to KRW 10 million (Article 46.(1).12 and Subparagraph 7 of Article 95 of the 「Immigration Control Act」).
Matters to be registered by foreigners
- Details to be reported in registration by a foreigner shall be as follows (Article 32 of the 「Immigration Control Act」 and Article 47 of the 「Enforcement Rule of the Immigration Control Act」):
1. Name, sex, birth date, and nationality;
2. Number, issue date, and valid term of the passport;
3. Workplace and position or duties;
4. Address in his home country and sojourn residence in the ROK;
5. Status and period of sojourn;
6. Entry date and port;
7. Visa-related matters;
8. Matters on accompanying persons;
9. Business registration number
Undergoing fingerprinting and facial scanning, etc.
- Persons liable for foreign registration (excluding those intending foreign registration under Article 38, Paragraph 2 of the “Immigration Control Act”), and persons planning to implement domestic residence report under the“Act on the Immigration and Legal Status of Overseas Koreans” shall provide his/her personal information, such as the person’s fingerprint, face, iris, palm vein, etc. (hereinafter “biometrics”) through the information device designated by the immigration control official and cooperate in the ID confirmation procedure. However, suppose the person completed the foreign registration or domestic registration report before turning 17. In that case, he/she shall provide fingerprint and facial information within 90 days after the day he/she turns 17 (Article 38, Paragraph 1, Subparagraph 1 of the “Immigration Control Act,” Article 50, Subparagraph 1 of “Immigration Control Act Enforcement Rules”).
- Foreigners refusing to provide his/her biometrics may result in the Local Immigration Office head’s disapproval of residence extension, etc., under the “Immigration Control Act” (Article 38, Paragraph 2 of the “Immigration Control Act”).