Foreign Students
Maximum permissible sojourn period
When a foreign student enters the ROK, he shall be given a sojourn period. The sojourn period for student (D-2) or general trainee (D-4) status may be up to two years for single entry and that for general short-term (C-3) status up to 90 days for single entry (Article 10 of the “Immigration Control Act,” attached Table 1 of the “Enforcement Decree of the Immigration Control Act,” and main sentence of Article 18-3 and the attached Table 1 of the“Enforcement Rule of the Immigration Control Act”).
Nevertheless, the maximum period may differ if the Minister of Justice deems it necessary in consideration of international practices, the reciprocity principle, or national interests (Article 10.(2) of the 「Immigration Control Act」 and proviso of Article 18-3 of the 「Enforcement Rule of the Immigration Control Act」).