Foreign Students
Admission procedures
Information collection and admission application
- If the purpose of studying abroad in Korea, major program, etc. are decided, a student should select a school that best suits his needs and apply for admission. Information on schools can be found on the website of each school. General information on the requirements and preparation for study in the ROK and life as a foreign student in the ROK can be found at the Study in Korea site (www.studykorea.go.kr).
- A student can compare and analyze collected information to select a school to go to. Then, he should submit an admission application and relevant documents by the admissions deadline of the selected school.
Admissions screening
- The school receiving the admission application decides whether to grant admission in conformity with education-related Acts and subordinate statutes and regulations separately set by the school.
Visa issuance, entry into the ROK, and foreigner registration
- Once admission is granted, the student should receive the appropriate visa for his status of sojourn, enter the ROK, and go ahead with the admission procedures set by the school.
- Anyone intending to sojourn in the ROK in excess of ninety days from date of entry should complete foreigner registration with the head of the Immigration Office or the head of the branch office of the Immigration Office having jurisdiction over his place of sojourn within ninety days from his entry.