Foreign Students
Definition of foreign students
Foreign students studying in the Republic of Korea shall refer to foreigners with the status of sojourn for study or training in the Republic of Korea (Article 19-4.(1) of the 「Immigration Control Act」).
People who can obtain sojourn status for study or training are as follows (Articles 10 and 10-2 of the「Immigration Control Act」, Article 12 and the attached Table 1-2 of the「Enforcement Decree of the Immigration Control Act」):

Sojourn status

Qualifications for sojourn status

Student (D-2)

Persons who intend to take regular programs of education or pursue specific studies at junior colleges or higher educational institutions or academic research institutes

General trainee (D-4)

Persons who intend to receive education or training or engage in research at educational institutions, companies, organizations, etc. that meet the requirements prescribed by the Minister of Justice [Persons who receive remuneration exceeding sojourn expenses from the training institute or fall under study (D-2) and industrial training (D-3) status shall be excluded.]