Work and Family Life
Target for paternity leave benefits
The Minister of Employment and Labor pays paternity leave benefits to employees who meet all of the following requirements (Articles 75 of the Employment Insurance Act, Articles 100 and 94 of the Enforcement Decree of the Employment Insurance Act).
The insured period before the end of the vacation (Article 41 of the Employment Insurance Act) shall be at least 180 days.
The employee shall apply within 1 month from the date he begins his vacation and within 12 months from the date on which his vacation ends.
√ However, employees who were unable to apply for paternity leave benefits for the following reasons during that period must apply within 30 days after the reason ends.
1. Natural disaster
2. Illness or injury of the recipient or his spouse
3. Illness or injuries of an ascendant or a descendant of the recipient or spouse
4. Obligatory military service under the Military Service Act
5. Arrest or execution of the sentence because of an alleged crime
The workplace to which the employee who received paternity leave belongs must be a company eligible for preferential support to receive paternity leave benefits (proviso to Subparagraph 2 of Article 76 (1) of the Employment Insurance Act).
Payment period
Paternity leave benefits will be paid for the first 5 days of the spouse’s paternity leave (the main body of Subparagraph 2 of Article 76 (1) of the Employment Insurance Act).