Examination of the inherited property
Examination of the inherited property
- An inheritor may examine the inherited property before effecting such acceptance or renunciation (Article 1019 (2) of the “Civil Act”).
· Examination of the inherited property
· You can find out whether there are any deposits, loans, guarantees, security accounts, insurance contracts, and credit card-related debts under the name of the inheritee through the Financial Complaints Center on the 1st floor of the Financial Supervisory Service headquarters, or each financial association.
▶ In addition, inheritors can file an application withthe City/Gu Office or Eup/Myeon/Dong Community Center to inquire into thedeceased estate by probing his/her financial transactions, national tax andlocal tax arrears, unpaid taxes, and refunded taxes, pension (only applicableto national pension, public officials pension, pension for private schoolteachers, military pension, and retirement pension of the Korea Workers’Compensation & Welfare Service), status of subscription to a mutual aidassociation (only applicable to the Construction Workers Mutual AidAssociation, the Public Officials Benefit Association, the Military Mutual AidAssociation, the Korea Scientists and Engineers Mutual-Aid Association, and theKorean Teachers' Credit Union), car ownership, detailed land ownership,and more all at once.
√ Application is available by visiting the City/Gu Office or the Eup/Myeon/Dong Community Center or by accessing Government 24(Apply for the Integrated Search of the Property of the Deceased, etc.).