Establishment and operation of a nail salon
Hygiene control obligations of nail beauticians
- A nail beautician shall observe the following matters to keep his/her business-related facilities and equipment hygienic and safe, so as not to cause any harm to the health of their users (Article 4(1) and (4) of the Public Health Control Act).
· Genuine nail beauty service shall be rendered, which does not utilize any medical appliances or medicines
· Beauty arts appliances shall be kept by dividing them into sterilized ones and non-sterilized ones, and only one single-use razor shall be used per customer
· Beautician's (nail) license shall be displayed within the business establishment
Sterilization of nail beauty appliances
- Disinfection criteria and methods for nail beauty appliances are as follows [Article 4(4) of the Public Health Control Act, Article 5 and attached Table 3 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Public Health Control Act, and Disinfection criteria and methods per barbering and beauty appliance (Notice No. 2017-123 of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, enacted and implemented on Jul. 3, 2017)].

Appliance name 

Degree of risk 

Disinfection methods 

▪ Toe separators 

▪ Latex 

▪ Puff 

▪ Sponge 

Concerns as to the transmission of infection medium or self-infection 

▪ Wipe away foreign substances from the surface using a cloth 

▪ Wash and soak them in a disinfectant solution for at least 10 minutes before rinsing it under running water and removing moisture 

▪ Sterilize them with ultraviolet rays and store them in a separate container