Establishment and operation of a nail salon
Facilities and equipment of a nail salon
Criteria for facilities and equipment
- The following criteria for facilities and equipment shall be satisfied in advance by those who wish to register a nail salon (Article 3(1) of the Public Health Control Act and Article 2 and attached Table 1 Ⅱ4(a) of the Enforcement Regulations of the Public Health Control Act)
· Containers that separately store sterilized beauty appliances from non-sterilized ones
· Equipment that sterilizes beauty appliances such as disinfectors and UV sterilizers
· A workspace, reception area, consultation room, etc. (Partitions may be installed to separate these areas, but if the partition installed has an entrance door, at least one-third of such door shall be transparent. However, doors to changing rooms must not be transparent.)
Sanctions in case of violations
- The head of a Si/Do or a Si/Gun/Gu (limited to autonomous Gu only)may order a nail beautician who has violated the criteria for facilities andequipment to make an improvement (within 6 months), suspend its business(within 1 month), or close its business establishment (subparagraph 1 ofArticle 10 and Article 11(1) of the Public Health Control Act, and Article17(1), Article 19, and Attached Table 7 of the Enforcement Regulations of thePublic Health Control Act).